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Investment Philosophy
Our investment philosophy aims to marry a well-grounded investment process with use of the full range of available investment assets in order to deliver the return expectations of clients over the longer term combined with an acceptable level of risk. Both investment and client risk management are approached at the total portfolio level reflecting the appropriate levels of client suitability. Client benchmarks take account of documented needs, return objectives and risk tolerance based upon on-going objectives & updated risk profiling.
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Our philosophy entails making use, wholly or in part, of three sources of performance and risk diversification:

Strategic Asset Allocation: this lies at the heart of the investment process. It determines the key specific asset classes for client portfolios as well as our long-term view on their investment characteristics. These inputs are then applied using a variety of optimisation processes to determine a set of efficient portfolio allocations based on specified levels of risk tolerance.

Tactical asset allocation: from time to time our investment team may recommend tactical investment positions to be added to client portfolio allocations. Recommendations will be short term in nature (6-9 months) and will be appropriately scaled so to avoid any distortions to the underlying strategic positions that principally drive returns and risk.

Fund and Security selection: our investment team look to maintain a list of recommended funds and investment products that are appropriate in populating asset class exposures in client portfolios. Selection of funds will comply with the due diligence process agreed by the investment team that will encompass both the institutional provider as well as the individual fund in scope.

  • Our clients have continuous access to our team of Financial Advisers, with optimal customer service at the heart of what we do for clients.
  • We welcome complexity with regards to client circumstances and see these situations as one of the largest opportunities to add value.
  • We are proactive, not reactive, positioning client portfolios to both take advantage of, and protect against, future market volatility.
  • Our charges are completely transparent and agreed at the outset, and we offer full impartiality with regards to custodianship.
  • We remain open, honest and only ever act in the best interests of our clients.
  • Fully independent, whole of market advice. We are not tied to any products or providers, ensuring our service is always tailored to specific client circumstances.
  • Unique asset allocation software to build and monitor client portfolios, ensuring client assets always align with their objectives and risk profiles.
  • Highly experienced Investment Committee, who continually review client asset allocation. This allows the team of Financial Advisers to focus on wider ranging financial planning.
  • Family Office approach to wealth management. This ensures that we are not only offering standard financial advice, but forming long-term working partnerships with our clients.